Turnstone was the street John grew up on, where he learned to navigate family dynamics and fine-tune conflict resolution. John has always been a patient observer, and it has served him well whether it’s been working in special education, creating independent films, or jumping into the fray of a complicated estate plan.

John Balquist,
California Licensed Fiduciary #152


John has been a licensed fiduciary since 2010, handling complex multi-million dollar trusts and estates, as well as conservatorships and powers of attorney. As a strong neutral presence for families in transition, he brings a calm, humane outlook to every problem, and with the larger picture in mind, works closely with staff to shepherd each case to a final, equitable conclusion. In his spare time he writes and plays music.


  • PFAC (Professional Fiduciary Assoc. of CA
  • EBTEL (East Bay Trust and Estates Lawyers)


  • BA, Creative Writing, UC-Santa Cruz, 1995
  • Conservator and Trustee Certification, Cal State Fullerton, 2008-2009

John Works with a Team of Professionals to Support You:


Mariana is the primary case manager that works most closely with clients and family members. Her background in social work makes her the ideal fit for one-on-one client care that finds her communicating with doctors and attending medical appointments. In addition, she manages property oversight, which includes coordinating with her legion of vendors for repairs and remodels, mitigating rental property fiascos, addressing tenant needs, and making sure elders are safe in their home. She is adept at fielding distressed calls from beneficiaries and crisis management.  


Crissy is the longest-tenured staffer, having grown with Turnstone Associates from its inception. She oversees and directs the pipeline of accountings, tax returns, property tax payments, health insurance coverage, social security issues, and a host of other areas that globally affect our client base.


As a case manager, Pearl’s role encompasses the medical, financial, and property concerns of our clients. Her background in social work at UCSF and experience in mental health in San Francisco have equipped her with a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges individuals face. She brings a keen ability to listen and collaborate, with the overarching goal of supporting the stability and overall well-being of clients through a tailored and holistic approach.


Semhar is our highly organized and dedicated Office Administrator and Bookkeeping Professional. She doesn’t miss the little details and her responsibilities include monitoring financial matters, ledger entries, and maintaining accounts. With a background in the banking world, she has over seven years of experience in the field and a commitment to providing excellent service.

Who Can You Trust?

As a California licensed fiduciary, John is regulated and monitored by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, a licensing agency connected to the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. John must meet annual education requirements and abide by a Code of Ethics. In addition, John belongs to the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC). PFAC provides continuing education for fiduciaries through an annual conference and monthly meetings. John also holds a membership with and receives continuing education through EBTEL (East Bay Trusts & Estates Lawyers).

Professional Fiduciary Association of California