Why do you need a Fiduciary? 

Life is never exactly how you plan it, and there may come a time when you need more help than what you have available. At the root of the word fiduciary is “trust.” Putting your trust in someone else can be one of the most difficult decisions you make. An experienced, licensed fiduciary puts that trust at the forefront of everything they do. Turnstone Associates represents and assists those in need, not only looking after their personal wellbeing, but financial assets as well.

We serve as a neutral, third party that can assist when family members are unavailable or there is an unresolved conflict. The stress of everyday life can often make it difficult to care for loved ones, or to carry out their wishes in the best manner possible. A fiduciary can aid you in creating a safe and stable environment for your loved ones.

Fiduciary Roles

The Trustee

We have the responsibility of carrying out the terms of the trust as set forth in a trust document, to ensure the grantor’s wishes are met. We serve as trustee when there is no one available for the elder, or family dynamics inhibit an adult child from doing so. We also have experience with Special Needs Trusts that are designed to provide the long term care of a beneficiary with disabilities, while at the same time preserving their benefits.

The Conservator

Appointed by the court to manage the financial and/or health concerns of an incapacitated adult without a solid estate plan in place, we step into the shoes of the elder to create as little disruption as possible while continuing to pay their bills and manage their care.

The Executor or Administrator of the Estate

Often called a probate, we are tasked with gathering, inventorying and safeguarding assets, sometimes liquidating personal items and selling property, and paying debt obligations with the goal of distributing remaining assets to heirs and beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

Acting as the financial power of attorney, we can oversee all financial matters not held in trust. If named as the healthcare power of attorney, we can advocate on behalf of the client in medical settings. This role is often held along with a trusteeship.

Other Areas of Help

Social Security and Public Benefits

Obtaining and maintaining public benefits is as difficult and frustrating as you think.  We can help with determining if you are eligible for those benefits, file claims, and follow up on anything that is unpaid.

Coordination of Services

A lot of our clients need help managing not just their assets, but their lives as well.  From arranging and attending medical appointments, to setting up in-home care, we advocate on behalf of our client’s wishes.  There’s always a network of helpers involved, and we oversee that network to make sure all of a client’s needs are seen to.

Bill Paying and Money Management

We offer assistance with bill paying, creating and following monthly budgets, staying current on insurance needs, bank account oversight, and when necessary, working with financial advisors to develop long-term strategies.